Embrace Intuition and Intention to

Take Aligned Action

Receive personal support and implement soulful practices to increase your self-awareness and step into your power to build the life and business you want.

Gain Clarity and Inspiration with Intuitive Guidance

Are you looking for a renewed sense of purpose or that spark of inspiration to embark on a new journey?

Intuitive readings blending tarot and oracle cards can help you to:

  • Facilitate your inner dialogue

  • Tap into (and trust) your soulful wisdom

  • Take aligned action

  • Be more intentional in your daily life

a woman sitting on top of a rock writing
a woman sitting on top of a rock writing

Who Is This For?

An intuitive reading can be for you if you are:

  • An independent soul

  • A spiritual seeker

  • A creative

  • A life transitioner

  • A dreamer

  • A tarot enthusiast

Natacha has been helping me with my being stuck in what to write or make videos on, and I think the most important aspect of her coaching and what makes her unique is that she can pull cards and do a reading that always seems to be right on. Something that gives me confirmation that I am on the right track or maybe have missed something.

I strongly recommend Natacha’s readings to gain clarity and inspiration for your content and business while encouraging you to tap into your intuition.


Find Fulfillment and Purpose Again

Does this feel like you?

  • You’re tired of feeling lost and out of control.

  • You are unfulfilled in your present life or your job. Something doesn’t feel right.

  • You are looking for answers but don’t know where to start or if you can trust yourself to make the right choices.

What if you could get on the right path to create fulfillment in your personal and professional life? To find your sense of purpose again?

That’s exactly why I created “Intentions for the Season” because I wanted you to be able to find fulfillment and purpose again. And the best part is that you can achieve all of this in one day.

a purple and blue picture of a plate with a dragonfly
a purple and blue picture of a plate with a dragonfly