How to Attract Clients and Build Brand Magic with Video

(without Big Budgets, Fancy Equipment, or Spending Countless Hours!)

Create and


Engaging Videos

Unleash the power of video, live and pre-recorded, to elevate your brand and attract more clients.
person in brown jacket using black smartphone
person in brown jacket using black smartphone

Power Up Your Brand with Effective Video

When working together, you learn how to:

  • Clarify your video strategy

  • Master filming basics

  • Build longevity with a YouTube channel

  • Maximize impact with live video

  • Repurpose video to increase reach and save time

woman in red long sleeve shirt standing near white wall during daytime
woman in red long sleeve shirt standing near white wall during daytime

Before working with Natacha, my YouTube channel was dead and in shambles with no proper organization or content to speak of. Although my Twitch page was better, it still required adjustments to increase its flow and professionalism.

Working together has been one of the easiest and most pleasant partnerships I've experienced in a while. It feels amazing, working with a coach of this caliber. Natacha’s recommendations were very concise and easy to implement.

Thanks to our partnership, I’ve gone from a nonexistent YouTube presence to releasing content I’m proud of and building viewership. I would recommend her coaching to everyone looking to level up their content!

Maliciously Compliant - Game Streamer and Content Creator

Can't say enough good things about Natacha and her work! In a world where creating video content feels way too complicated, she really helps break things down in a way that makes creating content fun and easy! Not to mention, she brings her fun, wit and compassion to the table, which makes any interaction with Natacha super memorable.

If you have been struggling to create video content or do not know where to get started, Natacha is your woman!

Lauren Ashley - Heart-Centered Community Builder for Women

a woman with a smile on her face and a watch on her wrist
a woman with a smile on her face and a watch on her wrist

Natacha took her time to review my materials and came up with an excellent custom content strategy package for me to support my launch. She not only created impressive graphics to go with my content, but she also suggested that I do two LinkedIn Live events on my own to promote my program.

Natacha was gracious enough to take me step by step to show me how to create these events as well as teaching me how to use StreamYard. She was also in attendance for both events supporting and cheering me on in the comments when she had a ton of things going on in her life.

Natacha has excellent customer service, a great eye for creating graphics as well as making words flow in a more impactful way. I consider myself a great writer, however, Natacha’s review of some of my posts helped clarify some points.

Natacha is clear, concise, and easy to ask questions to. Natacha is phenomenal to work with and solved all my problems and then some. She went above and beyond what I was seeking. She is an absolute joy to work with and I would 100% recommend Natacha to anyone.

Michelle Cordy - Transformational Coach

a woman with long hair and a black shirt
a woman with long hair and a black shirt