Intuitive Readings

Imagine rediscovering a path that aligns with your authentic self, providing fulfillment and purpose in both your personal and professional spheres. What if you could navigate this journey with confidence and clarity?

With other 20 years of experience with tarot and other intuitive practices, I offer personalized readings that blend tarot and oracle cards to help you explore your truth and take aligned action.

What Are the Benefits of an Intuitive Reading?

Whether you're at a crossroads or are simply looking for fresh inspiration, intuitive readings can offer the following benefits:

  • Clarity

  • Self-discovery

  • Empowerment

  • Alignment

  • Personal growth

Also, if you've heard that tarot readings are all doom and gloom, mine aren't. Although we may address difficult things in some readings, I strive to create a safe space where truth-telling comes with helpful insights and practical suggestions to help you move forward.

An intuitive reading is also a wonderful way to treat yourself for your birthday or business anniversary.

a forest scene with a purple sky and stars
a forest scene with a purple sky and stars

Who is this for?

Independent Souls

You value independence and prefer to carve your own path and are seeking guidance on how to embrace your full authentic self, so you can make aligned choices.

Spiritual Seekers

You have been on your spiritual journey for a while and are looking for additional insights into your inner wisdom to continue your evolution.


You’re an artist, writer, or other creative mind who thrives on self-expression. You appreciate “unconventional” approaches to self-discovery and personal development.

Life Transitioners

You are navigating a significant life change, like a career shift or personal transformation, and you seek clarity and guidance on how to navigate this transition and your new chapter.


You have a vision but are uncertain how to practically make it happen and are looking for actionable guidance to figure the next steps out.

Tarot Enthusiasts

You enjoy tarot as a method of introspection and personal and/or professional development, and you appreciate the intuitive and symbolic interpretations to bring unique perspectives.

a tarot card deck with a woman in a red coat
a tarot card deck with a woman in a red coat
a firework in the middle of a dark night
a firework in the middle of a dark night

What to Expect

  • A live 60-minute reading about an open question or theme related to your life, business and/or career,

  • An initial pull of 5 to 8 cards based on your topic,

  • The opportunity to ask for 2-3 additional cards for clarification during the session,

  • Access to the session recording, pictures of the cards, and an in-depth recap (including personalized reflection prompts) within 48 hours after the reading.

What to Know

  • Investment is $115

  • You must be 21 years or older,

  • All clients are treated with the same respect regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference,

  • Information shared during the readings is confidential: if a client desire to share about their experience, they are free to do so,

  • I only share testimonials with clients' approval.

  • I don't read about yes/no question, or predict the future: you have free will,

  • For legal reasons, all readings are for entertainment purposes only,

  • I do not read about insights in other people, if your questions involves any relationships you have, we will only focus on your role in them,

  • Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, financial, legal, and/or medical advice,

  • No questions on love life, medical/health, financial, or legal issues will be answered,

  • No guarantees are offered and all sales are final.

I have been lucky enough to have two tarot readings with Natacha so far, about very different topics and yet both showed some common themes in my life. Natacha helped me zoom out on the areas in my life that I was feeling stuck on, she provided wisdom and insight in a caring and compassionate way and she offered specific actions I could implement in my life right away. I listened to Natacha and the cards that came up in my reading and am already seeing my life improve in real and meaningful ways. I am so thankful to Natacha for helping me gain clarity, insight and focus and highly recommend tarot readings with her for literally any area of life you would like to bring your best self to.


Natacha has a great professional and gentle vibe in her sessions. It was a great hour spending time together and reading the cards to see what popped up! I really enjoyed the experience, and the space Natacha creates for people to explore in. A repeatable experience for sure!


a bunch of books and tarot decks on a shelf
a bunch of books and tarot decks on a shelf