Meet Natacha (she/her)

Intuitive guide, story weaver, mentor, and video sorceress, every part of my journey has led me to how I now serve others in tapping into (and trusting) their inner wisdom, so they can live from their truth.

As a passionate, creative, and organized professional, I understand how storytelling is central to our human experience, no matter whether it takes place through speech, the written word, photos, illustrations, video, or audio content. This helps us relate to others (and ourselves), deliver memorable value, and build lasting community.

I picked my first tarot deck when I was 16, before my days on the internet or access to a wide range of shops. I found one Tarot de Marseille deck at the back of the bottom shelf in the esoteric section of the FNAC (French equivalent of Barnes and Noble).

This deck and its small booklet (and my intuition!) were my only resources for a few years. In the past 20+ years, I've got to deepen my understanding and practice with tarot, oracle cards, and other intuitive practices such as astrology, numerology, meditation, visualization, and more.

My background includes graduate media studies across three countries and corporate experience in content management and customer experience in marketing and SaaS companies.

In addition to my soul alchemist and intuitive reader work, I also provide 1:1 video consulting solutions to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and SMBs create and repurpose engaging videos. This way, they can elevate their brand and attract more clients in a way that feels aligned.

In my free time, I am an avid book wyrm, a proud science fiction nerd, gamer, writing new stories in various universes, and cat mom to 3 rescue fur babies.

a woman in a black leather jacket and hat
a woman in a black leather jacket and hat


  • PhD in Arts and Humanities (UT Dallas, USA)

  • Master in Digital Culture and Technology (King's College London, UK)

  • Master in Film and Media Studies (Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle, France)

  • Professional Degree in Film and Media Production (ESRA, France)

a man in a leather jacket and glasses
a man in a leather jacket and glasses

Before working with Natacha, my YouTube channel was dead and in shambles with no proper organization or content to speak of. Although my Twitch page was better, it still required adjustments to increase its flow and professionalism.

Working together has been one of the easiest and most pleasant partnerships I've experienced in a while. It feels amazing, working with a coach of this caliber. Natacha’s recommendations were very concise and easy to implement.

Thanks to our partnership, I’ve gone from a nonexistent YouTube presence to releasing content I’m proud of and building viewership. I would recommend her coaching to everyone looking to level up their content!


Natacha took her time to review my materials and came up with an excellent custom content strategy package for me to support my launch. She not only created impressive graphics to go with my content, but she also suggested that I do two LinkedIn Live events on my own to promote my program.

Natacha was gracious enough to take me step by step to show me how to create these events as well as teaching me how to use StreamYard. She was also in attendance for both events supporting and cheering me on in the comments when she had a ton of things going on in her life.

Natacha has excellent customer service, a great eye for creating graphics as well as making words flow in a more impactful way. I consider myself a great writer, however, Natacha’s review of some of my posts helped clarify some points.

Natacha is clear, concise, and easy to ask questions to. Natacha is phenomenal to work with and solved all my problems and then some. She went above and beyond what I was seeking. She is an absolute joy to work with and I would 100% recommend Natacha to anyone.


a woman with long hair and a black shirt
a woman with long hair and a black shirt
a woman with glasses and a green shirt is smiling and holding a video cameraa woman with glasses and a green shirt is smiling and holding a video camera
three cats are sitting on a bed with blankets
three cats are sitting on a bed with blankets